Beer & Wine In No Time

I moved! You may have noticed I’m not posting as frequently, well, that’s because I was in the process of moving and I’m so happy to say I’m all moved into the new place.

Time for celebration, right? Well, with all this bad weather I haven’t wanted to step foot outside (fyi I hate the rain).

Enter Favor.

If you aren’t familiar, Favor is a Texas based company with the tagline “Anything Delivered," and boy do they mean anything. In the few years I’ve used Favor I’ve had all kinds of food delivered from Whataburger to Bakery Lorraine. In fact at the peak of my laziness I even had them deliver groceries to me (I regret none of this).


Back to me celebrating my move being over, Favor recently announced a partnership with H-E-B to deliver beer and wine… IN UNDER AN HOUR! I was obviously way too excited about this and decided to give it a try. This also meant I wouldn’t have to venture outdoors in the rain to get the beer & wine I was needing to celebrate appropriately . I chose a bottle of Rosé, a bottle of Pinot, and a 6 pack of beer. They really had the best selection in Texas. 

I started the timer, anxiously watching the Favor app as it updated the status of my order. 47 minutes. That’s how long it took to get my order! You may be thinking, “Ok but all this comes at a cost.” Nope! You still get the everyday low prices found in H-E-B stores and delivery is free for all my fellow Texans. 

Whether it be a party with friends, a night in, or you’re just trying to avoid the weather like me, beer & wine delivery from H-E-B through Favor is a win win!

P.S. You can use the code SAFOODE for your first order of anything else for free delivery too!