Modern Day Speakeasy


What's my go to drink? Craft cocktails! Preferably of the gin or mezcal variety. 

 The Modernist provides those and more while giving the phrase “pick your poison” a whole new meaning - But we’ll get to that later.


The Modernist opened under the radar awhile back and is the closest thing San Antonio has to a speakeasy. Until recently they didn’t even have anything indicating there was a bar hiding in an old house, and I was perfectly okay with that. Many times I have sat inside and watched unknowing patrons slowly open the door, afraid that they were walking into someone's living room. It makes for great people watching! When you do finally muster up the courage to enter the house you hear vinyls playing on the antique record player. All of this sets a very relaxed mood where you see that the focus is on the cocktails.


Back to the drinks, upon walking up to the bar you will simply be asked two questions:

“What liquor?”
“What kind of flavors are you looking for?”

To some this may be confusing, but to me it's a godsend. All the bartenders (also the owners) have years of experience under their belts and are able to create amazing cocktails based on how you answer these two questions. Although they do the classics (martini, old fashioned, etc) I always prefer to give them creative freedom to make my drink, as I love trying new concoctions. I’ve yet to be unsatisfied with a cocktail here.


So if you're wanting a great cocktail in a pseudo-speakeasy environment just walk in the purple house... it's the last house on the right (and that's all I'm telling you).

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